Hey, y’all!

I am glad you made it this far to engage with me and my love for food.

My name is Ashia Aubourg and I am a passionate freelance writer, food justice advocate, recipe developer, entrepreneur, and creative. In 2019, I founded Nourished Palate, a digital food media platform and food business.

Since then, I have been focusing on developing my writing craft. My writing unearths underrepresented narratives about food, all while exploring the alluring intersectionality of the foods that land on our plates.

I earned my B.S. and B.A. in Food Studies and Policy Studies from Syracuse University. After graduating and working in various fields, including nonprofits, start-ups, and tech, I decided it was time to take writing full-time. While freelancing, I have also embarked on a learning journey with The New School x Rolling Stone Media Writing Essentials program and other food writing courses.

But if I’m being honest… my best learnings have come from experiences working in kitchens, farms and interviewing food industry enthusiasts.

Ashia Aubourg

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