Lisbon native Cristiana offers a glimpse into home-style Portuguese cooking through her hands-on culinary experience.
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These steamy mussels drowned in coconut curry sauce come together for a quick, easy week-night meal.
Rihanna's halftime performance is coming up! So get ready with this game day meets *island vibe* pulled chicken recipe. You might want to double this…
This lasagna comes together in only 30 minutes! Also, if you are a lover of crispy lasagna edge pieces, you will get plenty with this recipe.
It's BHM, Rihanna is headlining the Super Bowl, oh and on top of that valentines day is coming up... But I got you covered with some easy and fun dinner…
I love how lentils take up space. This red curry lentil soup is the perfect soup to cozy up with.
This decadent gnocchi is pillowy, soft, airy, and finished with a warm and creamy sauce. They are then garnished with crispy prosciutto, which adds the…
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